4 Reasons Why You Should Do Business in India

A Brief about the Current India Market Scenario

The number of global entrepreneurs and companies’ enthusiasm about opening a company in India has remarkably increased. The progress, developmental growth, market sentiment, infrastructure, manpower supply, Governmental support and subsidies etc of India at this time, when it comes to starting new companies, is at its peak; especially in the wake of post COVID-19 lockdown and the market opening up.

With the latest changes, new drives and introductions in the Indian economic policies, India has opened its doors to global companies from a plethora of different industries and sectors background. Global companies are now getting even more curious about opening a branch office in India. Global companies do not want to be left out in competition and in being missed out in tapping the grand Indian market opportunity.

What’s in It for You

If you are one of the companies looking to opening a business in India, then this write-up is of great use to you. It is clear and evident that all the activities in the developed countries now face tough competition in their respective local markets and regions. It becomes relatively difficult to do business if you don’t have something too extraordinary, innovative or out-of-the–box to offer. This is one of the primary reasons why businesses consider exploring the international markets, delving into deep research and new product-service development.

DBPL Handholds Global Businesses Enter the Indian Market

Having intensive experience in opening and managing a range of businesses and startups in India, we, at DBPL present to you the six prime reasons as to why you should consider India in opening a branch office here:

  • Sustainable Development

We all know that a developing nation has now even greater opportunity, and this paves the way for better sustainable development for a business, and attaining higher revenue, market share etc. Opening a company in India will definitely provide you with a better sustainable development environment irrespective of your business niche and product/service line. The economy of India is at an advanced-growing stage. The market is emerging, and there is steady rising per capita income of the vast Indian middle-class population; it sets a perfect platform for you to grow at a steady rate and remain competitive in the global marketplace.

Opening a branch office in India has another key advantage – it provides an access to almost 1.35 billion population of India. The workforce that is available to you in India is huge in all segments of skilled, semi-skilled employees, labor, trained personnel etc at the same time. You won’t have to struggle with the skilled staffing issues here. There is high availability of manpower.

  • Increase in FDI

In the last five to ten years, India has witnessed an outstanding FDI (Foreign Direct Investment). The major reason behind this rapid increase in FDI is the initiatives and nature of policies taken by the Indian Government. The policies are beneficial for all, the Indian businesspersons, and also for the global companies, entrepreneurs, investors etc that are already here or are looking at opening a branch or liaison office in India. Many more additional industries enjoy the automatic FDI route in India now. Many Management experts, Leaders etc around the globe deem that Mumbai is fast becoming a business and financial hub on the global map due to people opening branch offices in India.

  • The Ease of Business

The Government policies and the Indian market make it really easy for opening a business in India. Aspects like the laws in favor of entrepreneurs and businesses, the steps taken in further opening up the Indian market and to liberalize it, and in making the process of registration simpler, the Government has paved the way to welcome people across the globe to start a business here in India.

Working with a seasoned and experienced company like DBPL, it helps you to take care of all the nitty-gritty and nuances that you need while opening a business in India. DBPL can get your business started in as short a time as in just 6 days! In the earlier times, it used to take around 26 days or even more. This kind of change in Government work has certainly made India the numero uno destination choice for global people looking to establish shop in the International Markets.

  • Cost-Effective Nature

While thinking about opening a business in India, you can be certain that your business investment will be at the lowest than anywhere else. The main costs that a business needs to spend on are electricity, food, labor, and infrastructure. All of these are lowest-priced in India when compared to most other countries. India is also known to be the backend destination for global companies and businesses, especially in the IT sector. It can also be seen in the manufacturing unit setups in India like Ford Motors, Honda, Samsung etc; these renowned corporations came to India to tap the large market and also have cost-effective manufacturing here. Therefore, opening a business in India is a key factor.

DBPL endeavors to provide precise information that is core for your India Entry venture. To know more about opening a business in India please get in touch with us. DBPL will handhold you in every aspect of India business setup, and get your business up and running smoothly in no time.