5 Tips to Start a Hassle-Free Business in India

Framing your India Business Set-up

Many western and developed countries’ companies and entrepreneurs are now looking for either collaborating or working independently in India. While there are a lot of pros that India provides to make it the best country for doing your business, in the process of understanding, it requires patience as well. Every non-resident of India, foreign national or entity looking forward to setting up and doing business in India finds the landscape and demographics of the country different as per their own perspective. In the recent past, we got a lot of queries from many people that wanted to setup business in India. So we decided to brainstorm and jot down points from our market understanding and perspective of establishing business in India. Below are the key points that are provided by our in-house experts that have years of experience and helped a lot of clients to setup Firm in India:


India is popular for its variation in the dialect of people. People in India surely do not have any problem communicating in English as well. However, while people like us in metro cities speak English and think in a western or modern manner, there can be some who speak English and think Indian only. For this, it becomes really important for you to develop and build an understanding with your client to understand your mentality and methodologies. With these wide arrays of thinking in different languages, you surely will get some amazing suggestions as well – be open to them.

Cultural Difference

While all the visitors who visit India to explore it or even the ones that come with the idea to setup company in India find and experience the diversity of culture in India. While all of these cultural differences exist, it is observed that in the offices and other workplaces, Indians are much westernized and maintain the protocol in the same way as you would expect in your country. We also advise our clients to go through these cultural differences between the employees so that they can understand them better, and it definitely will help you find ways to improve your business as well.


This is one of the most important points that someone who wants to setup business in India should take note of and pay attention to. There are lots of people in India that would like to have some sort of conversation with you simply, this can be about some sports, local and/or global politics, or even spirituality. These people are the ones that like these kinds of talks first instead of getting straight to business. The only advice that we can give after our years of experience is that you should go along with it in the flow with a light open mind, and do these kinds of discussions as it will only help you to understand the person better, build rapport and it can be quite fun and intriguing as well.


Your main goal is to setup Firm in India. For this, you should understand that many things are at times misinterpreted in outside countries as being the land of diversity. So we advise you not to jump to conclusions about a situation, but rather understand the whole situation by keeping an open mind about it. There are lots of people in India that have been to other countries, and it is quite possible that their beliefs about you can be based on the global outlook about your country.

You may have many Indian friends, acquaintances or colleagues in India and/or even in your respective country. Note that India is the largest country of origin of international migrants with approximately up to 2-crore Indians across the world, such as NRIs, PIOs, Indian expats, workers on visa etc. Therefore, rather than concluding prematurely, an understanding of the behavior, psyche and clearing the confusion will be the best thing to do when you plan to successfully and efficiently setup company in India.

Religious Beliefs

India is a secular state. It respects all religions. And since almost all major religions exist in the country, there are a lot of festivals as well. After you are done with your process to setup company in India, you must definitely glance at the calendar and understand the number of holidays you need to give your employees. The company HR department personnel are well aware of and sensitive about this. There are lots of holidays that are actually for multiple days and marked for only one. Carefully understanding these things can help you plan the timeline for different office activities in a better way.

If you are looking forward to setting up company in India and are searching for the best people to guide you, get in touch with us at DBPL, and let us put an end to this delve-probe of yours. With our DBPL expert’s experience and our work methodologies, we can get your job done in no time.