A Quick Guide to Business Setup Services in India

Why Business Setup Services in India is essential

Setting up a business in any country in the world has its own set of requirements, procedures etc. It is relatively very easy in forming a company in India and starting operations here in India. Many competing companies and businesses are already leveraging the India advantage. Being present in India ensures a certain market share in the global marketplace. Given the vast population base, India stands attractive for high volume sales for many global companies. India is one of the top sourcing destinations in the world as well, besides its domestic market and its consumption. 

How a Foreign Company may enter the India Market

The initial stage for a foreign company to enter the Indian market is forming a company in India. It is relatively easy, and the best way out is to allow top and leading companies like DBPL to take care of the all details and services that go into forming a company in India. At the start, certain basic Governmental clearances / formalities are required to be completed, that a top consulting company like DBPL supports guides and helps through. DBPL walks the foreign companies through all the processes, such as, company name, registering with MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India), DIN, Company PAN Card, etc.  

What to Look for in a Consulting Company Offering Business Setup Services in India

There are many small to large-sized Indian consulting companies offering business setup services in India. Some of the aspects to bear in mind in the short-listing a top consulting Firm are:

  • The vibrant and energetic Management Team of the Consulting Firm
  • The portfolio and the services offered
  • Background and years of experience in the domain of client servicing
  • PAN-India reach
  • Offering a one-stop solution to all services related of business setup services in India
  • Testimonials and client satisfaction
  • Offering prompt reply on key information, such as current market dynamics and opportunities 

A Few Advantages in Forming a Company in India

By forming a company in India, a foreign company has some privileges and is in the realm of the larger Indian economic system, enjoying legal, operational, financial, human resource and other benefits. The cost in forming a company in India is miniscule. A foreign company, once set up in India with an entity (its own name) can take advantage of sustainable growth, cost-effective manpower / organized employability, low operational costs, legal support, highly standardized and supportive Government rules, norms and regulations and so forth.  Once a company is setup in India, it can also enjoy any subsidies or special boosts or exemption through the Center and / or State schemes that may come out from time-to-time applicable to any company present in India. 

To mention some of the industries / sectors that maybe extremely lucrative for a foreign company are Healthcare, Automobiles, Automotive (manufacturing), Agriculture, IT / ITeS / Software Development / eCommerce, BPO, FMCG, Textiles, Financial Services, Construction & Engineering, F&B, Chemicals & Petrochemicals, Home Furnishings Industry. 

Who can help in Business Setup Services in India

DBPL is a top consulting company in India that handholds foreign companies in business setup services in India. DBPL is also into other related services, such as, Research & Feasibility, Strategic Tie-ups, Project management, Land Acquisition, Asset Transactions, Pre-Construction Consulting, Design & Build, General Construction, Post Construction Services – Pre-handover Cleaning, Manpower, Asset Management. 

DBPL can be reached at numbers +91 – 9811431604 or +91 – 9810631559.