Advantages of Establishing your business in India as a foreign company

India has been considered a promising market for doing business over and over again. A measure of the bright future of the Indian economy is the amount of foreign investment. China and India are the two nations among the emerging economies that are expected to be pivotal in boosting global trade. As a consequence, a growing number of multinational conglomerates are keen to invest in these marketplaces.  

The Indian economy provides a favourable business climate in which, by defining their growth prospects at a micro level, companies can make the most of their international expansion. 

Because of its advancement-friendly policies, doing business in India has many advantages- 

  • Business-friendly regulations and policies 

The Make in India initiative of the Indian government focuses on 25 manufacturing industries and aims to build the perfect industrial base by facilitating international investment, fostering innovation by improving skills, and concentrating on the protection of intellectual property. 

In recent years, many major bills have been passed in the Indian Parliament that are beneficial to most manufacturing industries. These bills would create accountability and uniformity in the Indian economy, starting from the Goods and Services Tax Bill to the Direct Tax Code Bill. 

These corporation-friendly laws make it easy for foreign players to reform their plans of entering the Indian economy. These bills would improve productivity in the transportation of goods through India upon implementation. But the Land Acquisition Bill, which supports the country’s twin goals of social justice and industrialization, is the most relevant statute. 

  • Opportunity for sustainable business  

It has been estimated that by 2025, 69 cities in India will have a population of over one million each. This is going to render into a larger need for businesses to support livelihoods. 

  • Organised employability 

India boasts a working population of around 530 million, of which a significant proportion are under the age of 30 years, and this number is most likely to increase by more than 64% by 2022. Businesses can take advantage of this opportunity by generating employment opportunities for the Indian youth.  

  • Presence of a start-up venture atmosphere 

India is a central platform for several kinds of start-ups, including electronics, e-commerce, and financial services. The fact that the Indian economy is open to embracing innovative business ideas makes it easier for new businesses to set up.

Since every opportunity comes with several challenges, one might face many hurdles while attempting to start a business venture in India. 

Land acquisition is a very complex issue, since it is very difficult to establish legal ownership. 

It is also very difficult to get a construction permit. Previously, it used to take 164 days and 42 processes to get a construction permit in Mumbai, and 213 days and 29 processes in Delhi, but now it has reduced to 60 days with only eight online procedures to get a construction permit in both cities, but thorough guidance is needed to navigate the complex process in other parts of the country. 

Years ago, it used to take at least 138 days to obtain an electricity connection, but now it has dropped down to 45 days following 5 procedures.  

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