An Important Question – Is the Cost of Registering a Company in India High?

An Answer to the Cost of Registering a Company in India

The charge that you would need to pay to setup business in India is quite nominal, and the whole process of registration takes just a couple of weeks to finish.

Basics Details in the Process of Registering a Company

The next set of tasks that arise once you are done with the registration is setting up the infrastructure, staffing, etc. For these activities, you can take help from DBPL (www.dbpl.asia) that has great expertise in setting up businesses in India. With our experienced team and working efficiency, you can accomplish all the remaining things and setup company in India without any inconvenience.

The Changed and New Positive State of Affairs

We see a lot of people dropping their plans in the past due to the complications in the policies by the Government and the confusion that existed. In the present scenario, we all saw the changes in the policies of the Government with respect to the economic sector to promote everyone to open Firm in India. With the help of a company like us that helps businesses to set up in India with our experts and experience, one can assure that the whole process of company formation in India has been made hassle-free and there exist endless opportunities for your company in India.

During the research, our experts saw the Ease of Doing Business rankings and found out that India had jumped up by around 23 ranks in recent years!

Evidently, the policies and steps taken by the Government are paying off and it has opened the doors for everyone to open Firm in India. If a person wants to open a franchise in India, or open Firm in India that person can register the company as an Indian entity or as a foreign entity.

Through this article, our aim to give an idea to anyone that is looking to open a Firm in India about the various structures of a Firm available in India.

Liaison Office

It is also popularly known as a Representative Office and is one of the popular ways to establish one’s presence in Indian markets. It works by co-ordination between the parent company and the Indian entity of it. The task of and LO is to promote the interests and build a network for the parent company. An LO doesn’t actively participate in commercial activities and rather acts as a communication medium only.

Branch Office

A Branch Office, i.e. BO is similar to LO but it is like an extension to the parent company. The main feature of a BO is that it can represent the parent company on its behalf and conduct commercial activities as well. It is one of the popular and safer options if you plan to open Firm in India. You can use the parent brand’s reputation and build the company over it.

Project Office

A project office is similar to the branch office yet differs due to the nature in which things operate in it. There needs to be a project for which a project office is set up and then it can operate and conduct commercial activities for that project only unlike a Branch Office that can-do business for many projects. To explain it in simple words, a project office carries out business for a foreign company in India for a particular project.

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

A Limited Liability Company is the one that safeguards its interests from the shareholders of the company and its members as well. The nature in which these companies operate is that the foreign company can possess up to 99.9% of the shares of the company and there need to be at least two shareholders of the company. It doesn’t have any limitations in terms of the projects it can do and scale. If you plan to open Firm in India, we recommend you incorporating a Private Limited status for your company as it is the simplest and the quickest way to open Firm in India.

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

To keep it simple and straightforward, a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) is a partnership between two limited Firms. The liability of these companies is restricted to their agreement regarding each one’s contribution. If you are a person looking to open Firm in India, you can collaborate with another like-minded person or complementing mutual work profile and reach your goals together.

We hope that this article provided you with the basic insight about the different structures of business/ company formation in India. If you need any help in the process of company formation in India, get in touch with us, DBPL, today and we’ll surely make this whole process smooth for you.