Are you an NRI and want to register a company in Incredible India? Here’s a quick setup guide.

If you want to open a firm in India, you have to follow a set of rules and regulations to do so, since every country has different legalities and requirements for setting up a business there.

When you think of opening a business in India, you must be aware of the complexities attached to the whole process. 

To start you’ll have to register your company in India to move further.

Through this, we are going to understand a setup guide for opening a firm in India-

  1. You are ascertained to choose an appropriate name for your company which delivers a message of what your company has to offer. You don’t have to hurry to select a name because that is the most integral part of your whole setup in India. After the registration of your company in India, you cannot undo it so make sure you take your time and assign a suitable name.
  2. Choosing an appropriate name is followed by acquiring a DIN number. A Director Identification Number (DIN) is a special identification number that is provided after filling the DIN-1 application form online.
  3. Under the Information Technology Act, 2000 Digital Signature Certificate is acquired to assure the security and assurance of the documents filed online, the online form is signed digitally. It requires 2 days to acquire DSC in India.
  4. An incorporation certificate is given by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs and is used as proof for the constitution of the company. You will receive the certificate on the mail id provided along with the other documents.

Getting a certificate of incorporation in India is the last step of registration. 

There are certain forms you need to fill throughout the registration of your company in India. 

Form – 1 for the Incorporation of Company in India And Form- 18 for address or situation of the proposed company.

Being an NRI, you must be not aware of all the complications that are involved with registering a company in India. At DBPL, we help you through everything and make sure that no law is violated and your company’s registration process goes smooth. We offer you every service relating to opening a business in India. You can focus on other important things related to your business and we are happy to take the responsibility of setting up your company into our hands.