Be a Part of India Success Story for Global Aims

The India Growth Story

India has come a long way since the opening up of its market in the early 1990s, i.e., since about 25 years of liberalization of India, that ended the license permit Raj (rule). Many global players have been active since then in opening business in India; though a visible rise came around 2006 and 2007. Some entered in India by opening a company in India, while some in opening a branch office in India. Taking this larger period into account, the disposable incomes have been rise sky high. India now a country had has one of the highest numbers of billionaires. The rising middle class is a huge market that attracts any other global company that would want to reach out to, to sell their product/ services to. According to a source, the middle class population is estimated at 78 million, a major percentage of which is expected to turn in to higher middle class in a decade or so.

The Need for Global Companies to have India Attendance

India is among the top emerging markets, and its economy has witnessed a sea change in the recent past.  It is the world’s fifth-largest economy and growing further rapidly. There is current slowdown due the Coronavis pandemic, COVID-19, but the market is beginning to revive. The tapping of the existing and growing middle class market is something on the wish-list that global companies aspire for. If a company is looking at India setup, then opening a company in India is essential and imperative. There are many avenues, one being opening a branch office in India, initially and later with an aim of spreading networking overtime on a PAN-India basis. 

. The International Brands in India

The Indian consumer has evolved immensely in the past few decades. Till the 1990s, there were very limited international brands in India with limited choice offering to the Indian consumer. Post 1990s, India witnessed entry of global leading companies like Perfetti van Melle, Peugeot (Groupe PSA), Hyundai, Honda cars (SIEL), GE etc entering and opening business in India.  

Today, India is home to many international brands directly or through other sources, such as India partner, Franchise model, manufacturing, or through imports, etc. Some International companies with their brands presence in India include 3M, Abbott, Arden Grange, Armani, ASAHI, ASICS, Bausch & Lomb, Chanel, Coca-Cola, Harley-Davidson, Hettich, Hitachi, Honeywell, Hyatt, Jaguar, Christian Dior, Coach, Canali, Canon, BMW, CHICCO, Daikin, DELL, DHL, Disney, Dupont, Ermenegildo Zegna, FENDI, Gillette, GUCCI, Hafele, Hermes, HP, IKEA, Konica Minolta, KOHLER,  iPhone, Johnson & Johnson, Knorr, LG, Lilly, Mitsibishi Electric, Motorola, Munich Polo, Nestle, NIKON, NIVEA, NOKIA, O General, Omega, Panasonic, Papa Johns, Paul & Shark, PepsiCo, Philips, Piaget, Piaggio, Porsche, P&G, Royal Canin, Rolex, SAMSUNG, SONY, Starbucks, SsangYong, SteelCase, Sukin Naturals, Suzuki, Tiffany, Toshiba, Triumph, Uniqlo, Versace, VOLVO, Whirlpool, Yamaha and so forth. 

The Newer Development amid Coronavirus, COVID-19

In the wake of Coronvavirus pandemic, COVID-19, more global companies are looking at opening business in India. The Make in India movement has also been gaining popularity and momentum. The ease of India entry for global companies and entrepreneurs have become even more friendly as India focuses more on its economic growth and partnering with international players. More and more global players are wanting to expanding and looking at opening a business in India

Who to Contact in India for Opening a Business in India or for opening a Branch Office in India?

There are different routes a global company or entrepreneur can establish their presence in India, such as by first opening a branch office in India, in case the company has little or no presence in India. For any global company or entrepreneur looking at opening a business in India or opening a company in India, through any India entry model, such as that are mentioned above, opening a branch office in India, then they can get in touch with DBPL by reaching their website www.dbpl.asia for a call back or for more information and a consultation session.