Benefits of Registering under Startup India Scheme

The launch of the startup India scheme by the honorable prime minister has resulted in the expansion of entrepreneurship culture in India.

Startup India scheme has played a huge role in the growth of employment and indigenous companies.  

Startup India scheme aimed at the evolution of products and services which in turn improves the employment rate in the country.

With the improvement of the Indian economy, the scheme has been a big success in terms of other aspects too such as Simplified work, financial assistance, Networking opportunities, and many more.

DBPL helps you in the company registration process under the startup Indian scheme with ease and utmost convenience.

Many benefits are extended to you if you plan to register your company in India under the startup India scheme.

  • The first and the very important benefit that is extended to the startup entrepreneurs is the simple and easy method for registration through the mobile app and website launched by the government of India. You need to upload the important documentation that is being asked and the whole process is done online.
  • Under the startup India scheme, the government provides high-quality intellectual property rights services. The patents are reviewed quickly at a very low cost. You are ascertained to pay only legal fees whereas the fees of other facilities born by the government itself. You can enjoy an 80% reduction in cost once the patents are filed.
  • Business can not be run wholly on the money it raises itself, therefore it requires funding from the banks and other financial institutions. For that matter, the government of India has set up a 10,000 crore rupees fund to give funds to the startups as venture capital.   
  •  On getting a certificate from Inter-Ministerial Board (IMB), startups under this scheme are exempted from income tax for 3 years. The tax holiday means startups can completely use the earnings for business growth objectives merely.
  • Due to the high competition, it is difficult to avail benefit from monetary incentive, any government project has to offer therefore under this scheme startups are allowed to apply for tenders and it is not even important to have any kind of prior experience to receive these tenders.
  • Startup India enables research and development for the category of people who aspires to become entrepreneurs. Seven new research parks are to be set up to facilitate young business aspirers to research and develop and innovate with their creativity to produce goods and services.
  • Under this scheme, the government organizes fests for startups to join other startup stakeholders for a better understanding of their daily activities and it also helps them to raise funds. These fests are conducted on national and international levels.

The registration process for a startup company can be a little difficult as they have to look after everything and also have to make sure about the laws and regulations. At dbpl we aid our clients to open a company in India, we guide them on every aspect related to business and ensure that everything is executed with ease.