Business Ideas for Doing Business in India

The India Prospect and Opportunity

The entrepreneurship platform and base in India is all set to grow and reach new heights. India being the strongest and fastest developing country in the world is making changes to all of its economic and administrative policies so that it can facilitate a perfect stage for entrepreneurs, business-houses, traders, corporations etc from around the globe. With a lot of the younger generation, startups etc  nowadays wanting and planning to open a Firm in India, the Government has been welcoming these trends quite positively. Through this article, we are going to explore some of the ideas that can help you in opening a business in India.

The Ideas of Setting up Shop in India

After briefly highlighting the importance of different ideas for you for establishing business-work setup in India, we are also going to look into tabling some of the quick opportunities that you will have through these. These ideas are instantly straight from our DBPL experts that dig deep and specialize in opening a business in India from various different fields and industries.

Internet Infrastructure Providers

Although there are a lot of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in India, this is one of the best niches which you can keep in mind while opening a business in India. These providers lack speed in the rural parts of the country and you can be the one to solve this issue to be the one to open a Firm in India that provides internet facilities to the rural parts with a richer and faster internet and network connectivity. The rural segment is growing at a good pace. The initial cost of infrastructure can be on the higher side but the revenue that you will generate will definitely compensate the costs.

Backend Warehousing/ Inventory Management Services for E-commerce Websites

This business plan is based on the footsteps of the same policies laid down by the Government that is making the base for welcoming entrepreneurs, global logistics companies etc in India. There may be a lot of companies that would like to outsource things like buying a truck fleet for transport and warehousing. This work of outsourcing can be done by you and provide a solution to their problems. You can open a Firm that provides a one-stop solution for both of these problems and allow other companies to hire you and save their costs. DBPL handholds, supports and guides you in advisory in this area of expertise.

Delivery Solution Company

Being a developing country, there are a lot of rural areas in the country that do not have facilities of proper roads connecting them to the cities. For solving this problem and making money out of it, you can open  company in India that specializes in doing delivery to these places. For this, the major thing that you will have to do is to set up a cost-effective warehouse at the limits or outskirts of the city and then do the task of delivery to these rural areas. You can make the system in such a way that once the delivery is done till your warehouse, you can have your staff take care of the rest of the course of the journey. For starting this business, the capital will be required for buying or leasing of the place for a warehouse and for the vehicles or technology that you are going to use for the remote deliveries.

Mobile Wallet Solution

People are increasingly moving towards cashless transactions because of its advantages like better tracking mechanisms and the hassle of withdrawing cash not existing. In India, a significant amount of the population has smart-phones and they rely on it to do things like communicating, managing work, entertainment and so forth. This business idea definitely makes use of a good amount of capital but if executed correctly, you can benefit a lot from it. Find the problem that exists in the current systems and then open a business in India on this niche to maximize your profits. India enjoys a large base and availability of affordable IT professionals, software developers etc.

Regulation Management for E-Commerce Stores

Similar to the above ideas where we mentioned about the surge that India has been experiencing in the field of start-ups, setting up a business that takes care of the legal policies that a company needs to follow can be a good idea. With the number of people starting their businesses will keep rising, the potential customers for your business will keep rising as well.

We hope that you like these 5 suggestions from our experts to open a Firm in India. We also have five other ideas that you can make use of when you think of opening a business in India.

If you like any of these ideas and would like our experts to help you in opening a business in India, get in touch with us today and we’ll take care of all the hassle or blockages that you may have to go through in opening a business in India.