Company Registration Consultant in India

Registering your company has a lot of benefits including building goodwill for your start-up for attracting potential customers & investors, protecting the company’s assets, and helping you achieve stability & growth. It’s a long process, but we’ve got it covered for you.

Firstly, let’s talk about what documents you will require to imitate the process. In order to register your company, you require proof of identification and address of all the shareholders of your firm. All the directors need to submit a self-attested copy of their identity in the form of an Aadhar card/Passport/Driver’s License/Pan Card. As proof of address, submitting the latest copy of the Bank statement/Electricity bill would work. Other than that, it is also crucial that your company has a registered office and to prove that you can submit a copy of the property tax receipt or rental agreement/maintenance bill with a Nonobjection Certificate from the landlord to use the property for business purposes.

There are certain things that you need to take care of before beginning the registration process. It is highly substantial for approval that you choose a unique name for your company and go through the MCA portal to check if that name is already registered. The director of the company needs to employ the RUN (Reserve Unique Name) guidelines laid down by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.


Once you have collected all the documents and submitted them, there is a simple 4-step procedure to be followed digitally (the whole registration process is digital) to complete the process of registration. The steps are as follows:


  1. Make sure you have a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC): all the shareholders of the company need to have their digital signatures in order to file the forms of the MCA portal. It is a mandatory procedure for all directors.


  1. Obtain the Director Identification Number (DIN): Director identification number is a unique number to identify the director of the company. Shareholders and directors need to decide upon a common director, whose DIN & name along with proof of identity and address is to be provided in the registration form.


  1. Start the registration process on the Ministry of Corporate Affairs portal: You’re all set to begin the registration process! The director needs to fill the SPICe+ form on the portal and submit documents. After the login process is completed, the director can log in to the portal to get access to credentials and services. Afterward, there would be some e-forms that need to be filled and make sure you view the public documents.


  1. Get your Certificate of Incorporation: You are only one step away from being the owner of a registered company! Once the application has been filled, recheck the information and documents. Once that’s done, submit it for approval and if everything goes well, the registrar will issue your certificate of incorporation after examination in a few days’ time.


Company registration processes in India can be lengthy. It usually takes 15 days to get a reply from the MCS portal and you can keep tracking the status from your portal itself!