Find the Best Name for Your Business!

The Nuances of Business Name

While doing the task of foreign company registration in India, choosing a name for your business is an important step that you certainly just can’t rush with. The name that you choose for your business represents the brand and gives the impression and future recognition of the whole business. While you are promoting your brand, the company name is the first thing that people hear about followed by the other information about it. So it becomes really important to choose the best name while you register your company in India

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The Descriptive Names:

The world is filled with companies that claim themselves to be the best, while there is nothing that is wrong with such names, the problem with these names is that these names are overused to an extent that they don’t give the feel of supremacy and dominance anymore. It can be missed in the vast clutter of company names. Instead of these names, you can use a combination of words that can make a good name for you. One of the examples of a beautifully combined name is The Iron Mountain. This certainly delivers the strong message of strength and security and it doesn’t sound common as well. 

The Power Words:

If you put too much emphasis to make the name sound powerful, you may lose the ability to make it sound familiar to people. Taking an example of Google and Yahoo, you can understand that these words have created a unique identity for themselves and get stuck and fixed in people’s minds easily as well.

Invent Words:

Most of the companies these days create their own words by combing two or more words or by tweaking them to make them sound catchy. Take an example of Xerox, the name has taken over the word photocopying to an extent that people have forgotten the original word and use the word Xerox instead, such kinds of words surely get the job done; e.g. Xerox and photocopy are almost like synonyms and often used interchangeably in the Indian market. 

Two of the other options for you to find a name while you do the task of foreign company registration in India are using the Greek or Latin Origin of the words and using personal names for your business. One of the popular examples of Greek origin names is the Apollo Hospitals and of the personal names is J. P. Morgan.

Think outside the box or keep it simple yet smart, the choice is yours

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