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DBPL’s Business Setup Service Offerings

DBPL is portrayed as a significant and reliable authority/ influence in the field of Legal formalities and services. DBPL covers all key aspects like New Business Set-Up, Company Registration, Subsidiary company expansion in India, and approvals, registration and compliances requirements from several Government officials. We help our global clients with turnkey designs to open company in India or handholding in the secondary expansion plans and initiatives in the country.

DBPL’s Strong Standing and Positioning in the “India Entry” Services Domain

Our detailed business setup services in India include methodologies to deal with legal approvals and endorsements, formalities, registrations, enlistments, compliances required from multiple authorities. DBPL is enriched with years of experience, exposure and expertise to help international businesses to set up their business in India. DBPL has worked with numerous clients since the last few years. Starting from the idea of the initial small business setup in India, we assist our clients till they achieve full satisfaction.

Advantages of DBPL’s Business Setup Services in India

DBPL has the in-depth knowhow of official formalities; and compliances are ensured that is needed for initial Business Set Up, Company Registration, small business setup in India. The support of experienced professionals adds value to the expansion and development of your business.

Leverage the DBPL Advantage

Take advantage of DBPL business setup services in India depending on your specific needs and requirements. DBPL’s business setup service in India is ready to help you in any stage of entry in the country.  They have a better and in-depth knowledge of Indian markets, and can guide you with the most appropriate plans.

New small business setup in India demands multiple enlistments and approvals according to the nature of goods, products, services, company objectives, type and size of the association. We help business owners or budding entrepreneurs with all services shown here needed while a new company is being set up in India. DBPL helps international customers to open company in India. We guide the customer on all angles pertaining to taxation (direct or indirect) in the country.

DBPL evaluates the Plan of Action (POA) for Global Operations of Multinational Corporations in Connection with their Comprehensive Advisors.

Experienced in serving one of the best financial advising Firm in the nation, we have also answered queries for numerous corporates for the opening of company in India. We have a wide network of experts across India to set up. Some of our scope and nature of work include:

  • We are educating on recommendations regarding working through a level of capitalization, limited obligation company, and so on.
  • We are acquiring approvals for registrations and company name from the Registrar of Companies (Indian Ministry of Corporate Affairs) & Company enrolment.
  • We are drafting the Articles of Association and Memorandum of Association for the new small business setup in India.
  • Company formation and enrolment of the organization, company filing legal requirements with the organization’s registrar.
  • Registration under PF, PT, Shop & Establishment Act, ESI, SSI, Labour & factories Act. Invading import-exporters code, etc.
  • Registration under Excise, service tax and customs.
  • Requirements of taxation the Income-tax department for tax and corporate tax withholding, TIN Registration.
  • Supervision on SEZ / STPI registration to avail as many tax benefits as we can for the small business setup in India.

DBPL not only helps in company set up in India, it handholds in the spread and enlargement in India for businesses from all across the world. Usually, it demands/ requires about five to six weeks to complete all the above-listed company registrations & statutory processing done for small business set up in India.

We at DBPL, provide our clients with all business setup services in India, from consulting to construction to make their job easier. Connect with us for your dream project, and we’ll give our 100% to make your India endeavor and business success dream come true.