Guide to Foreign Company Registration in India

What is Company Registration in India

Company registration in India is a mandatory and key India entry step that is required for all foreign companies wanting to setup office, branches, operations, or manufacturing etc in India. Some foreign companies, may want to have India presence through the franchise route, however this depends on the type of company, its product /service line, their India entry purposes and aims and so forth. Company registration in India ranks among the top in the check list on entering India and having presence here. It is an important legal process and procedural step without which it is impossible to conduct work with easy, transparency, etc. With the support and guidance of DBPL, a foreign company would realize that it is inexpensive for availing the service of company registration in India. Each transaction is transparent. 

As above, Company registration in India is a prerequisite to enter the country, and it is important to register it in the MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs) under the Government of India. The cost of company registration in India is low-priced. Yet, India, like every country, has its own set of nuances and detail, hence the need to take services of a leading company like DBPL to have holistic approach that includes company registration in India.  

How to go about Company Registration in India

The service of company registration in India is carried out by leading consulting firms in India like DBPL. DBPL is positioned in such as way that with its decades of Management expertise, services like foreign company registration in India is taken care of most professionally and in an expedited manner. Some Government agencies or departments are involved in the initial stage, such as MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs), FIPB (Foreign Investment Promotion Board) etc. Depending on the company, some of these or all of these may need to be approached for different purposes, such as for register your company in india

Who can help in Company Registration in India

DBPL is a leading consulting company in India that helps global companies in all their India entry needs. DBPL stands out as it provides a one-stop solution in all the key steps involved in getting a foreign company running in India. Company registration in India is one the prominent services provided by DBPL. To check the numerous services offered by company for a foreign company to choose from, one may visit their website www.dbpl.asia

DBPL has been associated with industries and sectors across the spectrum, such as, Telecommunications, Automobiles, Financial Services, Outsourcing, Pharmaceuticals, Research & Development, Logistics & Warehousing, Technology Testing etc. DBPL has its head office in North India, in Delhi NCR, and covers reach on PAN-India basis, whose experts help foreign companies’ setup operations in India in a range of businesses. 

Where to get Foreign Company Registration in India

Complete set of document of the company needs to be provided, such as financials, Directors etc. The foreign company registration In India is done at MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs), Registrar of Companies. However, the type of foreign company registration in India depends on some factors, such as the type of company, type of business, the business model such as manufacturing, franchise / sales, partnership and so forth. DBPL helps and guides a foreign company on what type of company to form in India. 

Where to Approach for Foreign Company Registration in India

DBPL provides a one-stop solution to all of the foreign company registration in India. It is one of the top services provided by DBPL. DBPL is most well-versed with the local regulations, legal procedures, taxation process and basic formalities needed in company registration in India, which may be done at national and/ or local level.  DBPL can be reached through different convenient ways as per company’s suitability. One can visit their website dbpl.asia or can simply call directly at +91 – 9811431604 or +91 – 9810631559. If one chooses, one may email  at info@dbpl.asia.