India Company Forming and Business Setup Services

Some Basics about Forming a Company in India

There are different ways and requirements in forming a company in India. The type of company formation depends on the company profile, the sector, its way of presence in India, such as solo, in partnership, franchise model, manufacturing etc. Establishing or forming a company in India with the help of DBPL is smooth sailing. The process is faster with DBPL. 

Why Forming a Company in India is Important

Without forming a company in India, it is difficult to do any sort of business activity here. This is an apparent and a basic minimum requirement for any company in any country. Forming a company in India is a passport or gateway to be a part of the Indian commercial system. There are some simple yet very important aspects to be covered, such as certificate of incorporation, TAN, Pan etc, as below. Omst of it cost-effective and miniscule. 

How to go about Forming a Company in India

The easiest, perfect and foolproof way is to let a leading company like DBPL handhold in your endeavor in forming a company in India. Some of the important points in forming a company in India with assistance from DBPL are: 

  • Set a list of Directors
  • Get the company registered/ with account on the MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs) portal, Registrar of Companies
  • Get a DSC (Digital Signature Certificate)
  • Get the TIN and/or PIN Numbers
  • Have a company PAN Card (Permanent Account Number)

The Importance of Business Setup Services in India, and DBPL’s Offerings

It is important to first determine that the foreign company seeking India presence to what kind of work or type of setup they want to establish here, or that is most suitable  or ideal for them in India, for example, whether they want to setup manufacturing / factory in India, or just have a branch office here to start with, or just sell their products / services, and so forth. Business setup services in India helps in optimizing one of these for the foreign company formation, whether Private Limited Company, Public Limited Company, LLP (Limited Liability Partnership), etc. 

DBPL helps companies in consultation and advice, and also guides them about other factors such as India-specific rules and regulations, best destination of office or plant, manpower laws etc. DBPL helps foreign companies in deciding whether to have a wholly owned subsidiary, or first a branch or liaison office, or go for a joint venture and so forth. DBPL is a one-stop solution for business setup services in India.  A good foreign company foundation in India paves way for its future growth and market share here. Many foreign companies also leverage India for their backend or sourcing works and tasks. The other list of services offered by DBPL is mentioned at the bottom of this write-up. 

Who Can Help Best In Business Setup Services in India

DBPL, a leading consulting firm in India helps in every required step for a foreign company to set base in India, and provides all the important and required business setup services in India. DBPL has numerous other services that complement a foreign companies’ handholding in India. To mention some of the other services that is directly or indirectly related to business setup services in India are, Research & Feasibility, Registration & Compliance, Strategic Tie-ups, Project Management, Land Acquisition, Asset Transactions, Pre-construction Consulting, Design & Build, General Construction, Post Construction services, Manpower, Asset Management.   

More can be learnt about DBPL by reaching their website www.dbpl.asia. For an immediate contact, you may reach them at +91 – 9811431604 or +91 – 9810631559.