India Welcomes International Businesses and Entrepreneurs

India’s Warm Reception of Global Businesses

India is home to most of the leading businesses from different countries across the globe. They are very well established here. Whether a new company wants to open a firm in India, through any route, such as to open franchise in india, partnership, opening a liaison office, entry through Greenfield/ Brownfield etc, India shines and welcomes them. The Government of India, State authorities etc are very welcoming, and hail industry or sector companies, such as textiles, manufacturing, F&B (e.g. food processing), FMCG, automotive, electronics, IT and so forth. For companies looking at taping the huge population base in India, a population of 1.34 billion, they look to open a franchise in India as well. Indian consumer is becoming more discerning in their appetite for consumption of leading global brands from affordable to super luxury products and services. 

India is recognized and acknowledged as a distinct destination to have presence in. The first and easy step is to open a firm in India. This is one of DBPL’s service offerings. 

The Need for Global Players’ India Presence is Even More Significant Now

Existing in India with any sort or level of presence makes any global organization or entrepreneur book a seat for current and future growth. India presence ensures access to a huge market base and also talent base for even a global spread and reach. Now, many global firms, businesses of different sizes, want to open a firm in India. There are a plethora of positives, advantages and benefits. While many of the developed or existing markets are getting saturated with companies facing flat or limited sales and share, India stands out in tapping a market that can change the growth dynamics of any international company or entrepreneur. Global players existing in India are perfect examples and create interest and attract other global companies in India. 

Pros of Having India Presence, to Open a Firm in India or to Open a Franchise in India 

Some of the Pros to Open a Firm in India or to Open a Franchise in India are:

  • Access to a huge market to tap
  • Long term foot in the door gains
  • Ensuring a larger revenue, sales and market share
  • Staying competitive, ensuring market share
  • India has a huge talent base, such as skilled, semi-skilled manpower and labor
  • India has rich and an abundance of resources
  • Network of Sea / Air / Railway Logistics and Transportation are in place 
  • India serves a dynamic logistics hub on the global map, between continents
  • Sustained economy (even in global market slowdowns, recessions)
  • Largest democracy in the world with stable industry systems

The Confusion about the Best Way to have India Presence

There are many ways and strategies a global company or entrepreneur can setup presence in India, such as to first open a firm in India, having a branch office here, looking for a partner search, to open a franchise in India, and so forth. DBPL, a leading consulting Firm in India, is positioned favorably to handhold any industry /sector global company or entrepreneur looking to open a firm in India. With DBPL, a foreign company can leverage multifold benefits, as above, and have influence over a huge market. 

DBPL offers an in-depth insight into the India scenario that consultatively explains the methodologies, procedures and all other nuances to open a firm in India. DBPL will tell the timelines, company registration, enabling strategic tie-ups (if required), project management, transactions etc. For more information on DBPL service offerings, or for more information and case studies, please visit website www.dbpl.asia