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DBPL has continued to build on its resources with a special emphasis on its quality human capital value. This has been done with a view of delivering customized quality Manpower resource solutions to our diverse industry and service sector based clients. It is managed by highly qualified professional Manpower specialists, with several years of training and experience both in India and abroad.

Through a unique combination of skills, competencies, knowledge and favorable experience, DBPL is able to offer Manpower services ranging from professional services to turn-key project implementation and operation. The company recognizes and caters to the special personnel needs of clients in various industries worldwide. We have developed our core competence in offering manpower services.

Based on a rudimentary understanding of the market needs, we offer quality services at competitive prices to our clients. We owe our success to our commitment to excellence by overhauling our processes and enhancing our core competencies. The professional attitude of our experts has led to several liaisons with noted companies, which has accelerated our companies’ growth. In this new era of Industrial Growth all the Industries have to maintain a regular pace so that they can walk to foot to foot with the world. DBPL provides the complete manpower outsourcing and placement services, compliance management services and human resources services for a range of industries. DBPL also offers facility management services for proper and planning of your asset.

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