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DBPL has continued to build on its resources with a special emphasis on its quality human capital value. Our collaborations and a strong in-house team ensures you get the best resources there are! As Ethanol industry take s swing upwards, backed by Govt subsidiaries, we are delighted to offer you consulting on designs, build and process engineering for your Ethanol plant! Lets discuss the amazing opportunities over a coffee!

Power Plant Operation and Maintenance

  • Are you looking for technical manpower to run Power plant?
  • Do you want to save a lot on per unit power cost?
  • Are you worrying about , what will happen if few of key personals leave your Plant ?

We are here to provide you solutions –

  • Provide complete technical manpower to operate Thermal power plant including Boiler and Turbine.
  • Big saving on manpower cost and it will reduce per unit cost of Power .
  • Single point coordination, no worries about leaving manpower.
  • Experienced team to operate combination of spent wash Evaporators and Incineration Boiler.
  • If you want, you can take our manpower on your roll after 2 years or you can extend our services .

Our references –
Power Plant :

  • M/s. Alpine Distilleries Pvt. Ltd. Hooghly , West Bengal( 25 TPH Boiler with 2.2 MW Power plant )
  • M/s. Salagram Steel and Power Ltd, West Bengal( 8 MW Power Plant )​
  • M/s CMJ Distillery Pvt Ltd Meghalaya(45 TPH Boiler with 4MW Power Plant​)
  • M/s TKSSML , Kayamganj , UP.(12 TPH Boiler with 1 MW Power plant)

Our Services

  • Providing operational manpower for power plant on lump sump basis.
  • Operation and maintenance of Power plant on unit basis.
  • Big technical manpower bank in thermal power plant.
  • Independent Shut down work boiler and Turbine

Why TRITECH for O & M Services ?

  • No need for an in-house team of O & M staff.
  • OEM Supervision in Overhauling of various equipments.
  • Complete Assistance for spares, chemicals and consumables from OEM.
  • In house assistance for all the troubleshooting, inventory etc.
  • Fixed costs.
  • Guaranteed performance.
  • Maintenance/inspection optimization.
  • Maintenance cost reduction.
  • Extended plant life.
  • Plant operation flexibility.
  • Increased operating safety.
  • Performance improvements through innovation & cross learning.
  • Availability & reliability improvements.


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