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DBPL brings in a global network of highly skilled and inventive Architects, design & build specialists and building engineers to help you get through your plans an budgets before the actual construction kicks in. This stage holds in great importance as it shapes the way ahead through the construction and operational stages of your business.

Let us help you through the pre construction phases of planning and budgeting, and pave the path to creating the timeline and processes for the construction and project management stages. The goal is to build or understand the full scope of a project and its requirements. The checklist of pre construction stage needs to include most possible scenarios and contingencies that the construction and project management team may encounter during a project. The plan has to be completely unique and is formed through a mix of expertise and experience. Let us help build the essentials at the Pre Construction stage

• Scope of work for Construction
• Budgets
• Schedules & timelines
• Formation of a Project Management team

Pre construction consulting
Pre construction consulting services


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