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The end of the construction phase is an exciting time but there is more to do. Post Construction cleaning often defines the final look of the project and also allows you to be able to pest control and deep clean the site, to be ready for the handover stage. Remember, It isn’t ready till its handed over! Lets finish what we started.

No matter the type of build, we have the experience and knowledge to complete a deep clean process, in the most efficient manner possible. Each member of the team is trained to identify and address specific problem areas during a deep clean stage. We understand that the building process for a commercial space is a lot different than for a residential building and we take that into consideration when we schedule our cleaning jobs. You can trust the team at DBPL to leave a pristine building behind, ready for handover. DBPL also outsource professional manpower for a different industry. The services include:

• Walls and Floors
• Carpet Cleaning
• Air Cons and its vent
• Upholstery and Furniture
• Windows
• Pantry
• Landscape of buildings

pre hand over deep cleaning
pre hand over deep cleaning services



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