Set Best Base by Opening Company Office in India

Why to Seek India Entry

More and more global companies’ needs are necessarily increasing in opening company in India. To point out one reason out of many – To not have a presence in India means missing out on a big opportunity that other competing companies are leveraging. For example, if McDonald’s has a vast presence across India, then so do other companies like Burger King, KFC etc. 

Some Advantages and Benefits of Opening Company in India

There is virtually no harm in opening company in India even if any international company’s plans for India operations are not carved out to the minutest of detail yet. Many companies open liaison office or branch office for purposes of test marketing their product/s or service/s or networking, research work etc before hitting the market deeply across the nation, to mitigate any pitfalls or to maximize operational benefits. Opening company in India enables the global company to employ skilled or semi-skilled manpower as a part of their team. There is higher acceptability and recognition for a global company when it is open company in india. The list of advantages and benefits goes on indefinitely. 

What Type of Global Company should be interested in Opening Company Office in India

Any global company can get interested in opening a branch office in india, however, some basic steps and approvals are required, that are mandatory. India’s consumption and demand for product and services span across different industries and sectors. With a population base of 1.35 billion, there is some opportunity or the other that awaits global companies to enter India, and the first step and initiative by a foreign company is in opening company office in India. If a competing company is doing well in the market, then the competitor company should also be interested in opening company office in India. DBPL also helps companies in identifying the best locations for their company office/s across India.  

Any type and size of company from any industry / sector can be interested in opening company office in India.  DBPL helps global companies through its Research & Feasibility service, to identify the scope and prospect of the global company’s India presence.

Some Basic Details about Opening Company Office in India

DBPL is a leading consulting firm based in Delhi NCR which serves global companies set presence across India. The steps and the processes are rather easy and uncomplicated. First step is to identify the best office that should be done in regard to certain parameters of the company matching with the location, for example, the company type, its product / service line, and so forth. For example, if it is a fish processing plant, then a coastal area of India would be ideal. The company formation also involves some steps that DBPL accomplishes with ease for global companies. To know more details about opening company office in India, it is essential to contact a leading consulting company like DBPL. 

Who to Contact in India to Handhold in Opening Company Office in India

DBPL provides a one-stop solution to the needs of global companies, especially in opening company office in India. Some of the related services, direct or indirect, depending on company’s requirements, covered by DBPL include, Research & Feasibility (as mentioned above), Registration & Compliance, Strategic Tie-Ups, Project Management, Land Acquisition, Asset Transactions, Pre-Construction Consulting, Design & Build, General Construction, Post Construction / Pre-Handover Cleaning, Manpower, Asset Management.