Step No. 1: Foreign Company Registration in India

The Transparent Way to Have India Presence

DBPL, the leading consulting company in Delhi NCR, works very closely with foreign companies in the most transparent, integrated, and objective-based structured way that gets the foreign company the best answer in what they are looking for in their need for India endeavor. Often global companies face with the challenge in seeking company registration process in India. DBPL helps in many other key aspects, such as assistance in decision-making, providing important associated services like Research and Feasibility, and so forth.  Accurate data and information by DBPL that is key in company’s management ability in making the best plans, strategies and have the India presence in the best way, from early-stage to advanced stage. 

The Need to go through the Company Registration Process in India

India is among the fastest-growing countries in the world and is fighting back to get back the economic activity amidst the ongoing Coronvavirus pandemic, COVOD-19. India market is such that it sustains and fights through any of the difficult global challenges. The sales of products / services of companies are steady with minimal fluctuations. India is an abundance of cost-effective manpower, skilled, semi-skilled and labor. The resources are also in large quantities and supply.  The rise of the middle-class population in India further creates higher demand and consumption. Any company, to have a presence in India has to go through some simple company registration process in India

Some Basic Steps involved in Company Registration Process in India

DBPL assists foreign companies in all of their India presence needs and cover services like company registration process in India in a qualitative manner. To mention some basic steps:

  • Have a company name (that is not taken) approved by the authority
  • Have the company registered under RAC (Registrar of Companies)
  • Have the DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) 
  • Have the company credentials loaded / Application filled and submitted on the MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs) online site
  • Have the DIN (Director Identity Number)
  • Have registered address of the foreign company in India

DBPL’s Expert Advice on Foreign Company Registration in India

DBPL’s expert team is committed to providing the best advice on any services like foreign company registration in India. DBPL helps in forming of the name of the company in India, such as, for example in format XYZ (India) Pvt. Ltd, LLC or LLP etc, which makes it a legal entity in India and helps in different kinds of transactions as it becomes existent in India. It is inexpensive. 

Get the Foreign Company Registration in India Work Done Quickly

DBPL has the foreign company registration in India work rather quickly. It is usually done in less than a month’s time, perhaps even as early as 2-3 weeks. 

How to Contact the Leading Consulting DBPL for Foreign Company Registration in India 

There are different ways and means to reach DBPL, the leading consulting company in India. They are based out of Delhi NCR with an operational presence across the country. One may email them at info@dpbl.asia or can call them directly at +91 – 9811431604 and +91 – 9810631559.