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    What should I know before to open architecture firm in India?

    If you want to open architecture firm in India from scratch, it will not be easy. You will not have any portfolio to show to your clients. This is why many architects choose to start by working with established firms. From there, they use the experience, knowledge and the connections...

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    Setting Up Business in India by Foreign Companies

    The India Steady Growth Trajectory In the past few years, India has been witnessing rapid growth in Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) due to the change and evolvement in Government policies and regulations. The result of this change in policies and regulations is the increase in the number of people...

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    The Difference Between the Startup Culture Abroad and in India

    Leverage the India Market for a High ROI India is not far away in the race in becoming a leading world startup hub. Growing numbers of incubators, entrepreneurs, local and international V.C.s, PE Firms and multinational companies are turbo-charging the growth of an expanding India scene. In fact, the...

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