Top Architecture Consulting Firms in India

Architectures make turn art into reality. The global world in which we live today has been envisioned by various architectures over the years who made all these technological and architectural developments possible.


Here are Top Architecture Consulting Firms in India:


  1. Kembhavi Architecture Foundation: The organization was established in the 1970s in a small town named Hubli by Nalini Kembhavi along with her husband, Sharad Kembhavi. The firm is known for its eco-friendly architecture projects which later got public attention on a national basis. The architecture got a lot of media coverage for their police headquarters in the district of Gulbarga. The most fascinating characteristic of the design was that instead of air conditioners, cooling was designed to take place through wind towers, an environment-friendly way of generating wind.


  1. Architect Hafeez Contractor: Set-up in 1982, this firm is known to have the largest employee based in the architectural sector and is one of the most successful agencies in India. Mr. Hafeez has won various national and international awards for his service in the sector by producing exquisite architectural models on a large scale. You might have heard about the imperial towers in Mumbai. Well, guess what? They are one of his most well-structured and prominent buildings.


  1. Oscar and Ponni Architects: The organization was founded in 1995 by a couple based in Chennai. They are well known for using solar energy and natural sunlight as main components in designing to preserve resources. You’d be surprised to know that they have designed the Tennis Court for Yale University, one of the most prestigious universities in the world. The credit for designing the Secretariat building in Andaman also goes to them.
  2. Vastu Shilpa Consultants: Based in Ahmedabad, the firm was established by Balkrishna Vithaldas Doshi in 1955. The ideals of the firm belief in traditional craft and art of architecture and environment. The company is best known for its work in IIM branches in Bangalore and Udaipur. As a token of appreciation for their work, they have been awarded the Agha Khan prize for architecture.


  1. Studio Mumbai: Another well-known architecture agency is Studio Mumbai. Mr. Bijoy Jain founded the agency in 2005. The company stands by the ideals of connection between nature and humanity, maintaining the balance between modernity and traditional value. 


  1. Abin Design Studio: The firm is located in Kolkata since 2005, the year it was established by Mr. Abin Chaudhuri, a visual thinker, and impulse sealer. He has experimented with the dynamics of architecture over the years and created some magnificent designs including the infamous Gallery house situated in Bansberia.


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