Useful Guide for Easy Company Registration in India

If you want to open a firm in India, then you have to do a little research to know about the steps to follow as every country has its own process for opening a business. According to the laws and regulations in India, here are a few basic steps for opening business in India

  • Choosing a company name.

Coming up with a name for your company can be a challenge. It should be relevant to your business and the purpose that it serves. Do not rush into it. Take your time to choose the name of your company as it might be an irreversible action once you complete the registration. Choose a short and crisp name which is easy to remember and serves the purpose.

  • Choose your business structure

There are five types of structures to choose from – sole proprietorship, private limited, public limited, partnership and limited liability partnership. 

  • Obtaining a DSC

This is the first major formal step. An advanced mark declaration causes you to finish the online organization enrollment measure in India. It requires 2 days to acquire DSC IN India.

Obtaining DIN

The next step is to get an identification number. It is mandatory for a company to have a DIN, according to the 2006 amendment act. You need to find the e-form for DIN from the official State of Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

  • Filling a fresh user registration
  • Incorporating the company

Getting a certificate of incorporation in India is the last step of registration. 

Checklist of documents needed- 

DSC – Digital Signature Certificate 

Form – 1 for Incorporation of Company in India 

Form-32 for particulars of managers, secretary, and proposed directors Director Identification Number of all proposed company directors

Original copy of the formal letter which is published by ROC about company name availability 

Form- 18 for address or situation of the proposed company.

All this could seem overwhelming, considering all the other duties and responsibilities that come along with being a business owner. We, at DBPL, make sure that all these registration steps are performed properly to open a firm in India and all the legalities and formalities are taken care of. We stay with you till the company is completely set up and on its own. With DBPL, you can take the back seat while we assist you throughout the way till you reach your desired destination.