What are the Opportunities for a Startup in India

Grasp the India Benefit for Prospering Domestically and Internationally

India is all set to be the biggest startup nation for companies in the world. The recent changes in the economic and legal policies have paved the way for inviting global businesses, entities, entrepreneurs etc to India and open a company in India.

It won’t be wrong to say that influencing forces like the Government policies, the prevalent international scenario etc have set the stage for startups to flourish in India and globally as well. Despite various roadblocks, people are opening business in India because solving these problems takes much lesser time, and the investment-profit that they can make, compensates easily. The rise in the number of startups in the country is highest than ever. These Government policies definitely will act as a bridge and gateway to welcome entrepreneurs and plan about opening a company in India.

A Quick Reiteration

If you can recall, this similar scenario happened back in the 1990s as well, when the revolution in the Information Technology sector promoted various businesses in India. Similarly, in recent times, the economic transformation that India is experiencing is enhancing the growth factors for these startups, so that both the company and the country can profit and benefit from them opening a branch office in India.

The Way Forward

It is expected that the online service industries and retail industries will have maximum openings due to these incoming startups. Our experts with years of experience in opening business in India had predicted earlier that over 11,000 startups will take over the market in 2020 and change the way the market dynamics function, and it is definitely reflecting and turning out to be true.

The Immense Manpower / Human Resource

India has the second highest population in the world. A major mass of people are looking for good employment opportunities. According to a report, India’s population is expected to be highest in the world in less than a decade. India accounts for one of the youngest population. Your plan of opening a company in India, will benefit from this population, and your business will definitely flourish. Choosing a good niche that will make use of the Indian manpower / human resource here in an effective way will definitely guarantee profits. You would never fall short of people (skilled, semi-skilled, labor etc) ready to manage the workload.

Highly Educated Graduates Opt for a Start-Up

It is quite evident that many of the students completing their graduation or post-graduation often consider opening business in India as their first choice, this is also because it makes them independent. New ventures open doors for numerous opportunities in their careers. They are attracted to new challenging roles and tasks. If you plan on opening a branch office in India, depending on your business segment and need, you can definitely get in touch with these students and plan out a venture that can profit both of you, the employer and the seeker.

Any Start-Up drives talent towards it

The Indian Startup space provides an opportunity for the students and interns to break the traditional career paths that everyone follows. The challenges that they face in the startup companies are something that makes them feel high on job satisfaction, and as a result, more and more people are driven towards working with these startups. The career risk taking ability is much higher amongst the younger generation in India now. 

Investors making huge investments in Startups

The trust that the investors have invested in these Startups has been growing gradually. This has led to an increase in the investments in startup companies. These investments are for everyone opening business in India; this is irrespective of the nationality and importantly based on your idea of the startup. The investors that provide you the funding required for your business are not only from India but also from the outside countries as well, the reason behind this is the endless opportunities that they see in the country.

Government Funding

The dynamic and flexible Government policies in India have been one of the things and driving factors that are acting as the backbone for entrepreneurship development in the country. The revolutionary introductions by the Government have ensured that anyone with a good business idea, opening a business in India can sustainably grow in both domestic as well as in international markets, leveraging India. There are various schemes launched by the Government whose advantages can be taken by anyone opening a company in India.

Some of the other initiatives that have set the stage for startups to flourish in India are:

  • The Make in India Campaign
  • Startup India Campaign
  • Upcoming Government Schemes
  • SETU Funds
  • E-Biz Portal

We hope that we helped you in your basic and essential understanding of the benefits of opening a company in India or opening a branch office in India. If you would like an in-depth consultative advice from our experts who have years of experience of helping in businesses to set up and grow, get in touch with us, DBPL today, and let us help you in opening business in India without any unnecessary hassle and mitigating bottlenecks.