What is the cost of registering a company in India by a foreigner?

India has pulled in plenty of foreign organisations for its business potential due to its quickly developing business sector. What’s more, the government has likewise made a ton of rules for enabling India as the preferred location for business and enhancing the simplicity of working together in India. 

Before opening a business in India, the foreign organisation having a specific vision about their business growth should be aware of the various registration and compliances needed to lay a strong business foundation. Also, having a basic understanding of the registration process costs will enable you to be better prepared with the capital requirements before you register a company in India. The cycle for registering your company in India is as follows:


The entry is possible by mostly two different ways: setting up a branch/contact office or enlisting the organisation. 

Requirements for Establishing a Company in India

To open a company in India, it needs a minimum of two individuals and a location in India. A private limited association in India ought to have at least two bosses (individuals) and a minimum of two speculators (can be individuals or corporate components).

Documents Required for Company Registration in India

For company registration, the far off nationals who will fill in as Directors of the Company should introduce a copy of their Passport close by address affirmation (Driver’s License, Bank Statement, and so on).

Cost for Registering a Company in India

The cost of beginning a business in India is, for the most part, conservative. Starting of an association in India can require a large portion of a month, making India a basic spot to start a business.

New Company Registration cost in India relies on different elements, such as Approved Capital, No of Directors, No of Shareholders, Registered Office State, etc.

Subsequently, the exact cost associated with the registration process can’t be stated, as the involvement of various factors differentiates the costs from company to company. Also, depending on the company’s type, some might not be required to consider all these factors and thus cost evaluation might differentiate.

Let us take a typical example of a Company Registration in Delhi with two investors and Directors and 1 lakh authorised offer capital to comprehend the equivalent costs.

The following cost will be involved:

  • Primarily the company has to opt for a name. It requires some investment to discover a name that aligns with your vision and relevant o your business. Hurrying into a name for getting the site live accomplishes more mischief than anything. For Name Approval of Company (Government expense of Rs. 1,000/ -) substantial for 20 days, after that it will lapse; Name will be applied in SPICE+ Part A.
  • After that, it is required to get an approved digital signature of both the parties for the company approval, and for this, the digital Signatures for both Shareholders Charges are approximately 1,500/-.
  • Following this, there is a process of form fillings and for filing of the registration forms constitute a Government Fee of Rs. 131/- for PAN & TAN but Stamp duty Rs. 360/- is charged, now stamp duty can be different from state to state. 
  • Finally, there will be a need of professionals for registering the company in India, i.e. CS, CA or CMA. And these professionals charge a fee for providing their services, which again vary vastly depending on the type of business venture one is opening. The professional fee will vary depending upon an individual’s expertise and experience.
  • There is a prerequisite of a certificate of Forms recorded with the Registrar. That confirmation of structure ought to be finished by Professional for example Organization Secretary in Practice (CS) or CA or CMA. Additionally, the observer of the supporter list should be an expert which can further add up to some governmental expenses that the company has to spend. 

The points mentioned above provide a necessary insight into what one might expect regarding the expenses involved before you setup business in India. Keeping track of all the requirements and the costs that loo on a foreign land without some local help can be challenging to manoeuvre. This is where our expertise helps you navigate all the registrations, compliances, legalities and other aspects like asset management, the market research and land acquisition. Our services serve your business on all ends and allow you to keep your sharp focus on your business goals and growth.