What is the process to open a consultancy firm in India?

If you are an expert in a particular field and you have all the knowledge related to it, the only option is not just to practice it. You can advise companies or can help others to open a consultancy firm in India.

Opening a consulting firm is comparatively easy. You should know what your specialty is. 

10 simple steps to start your consultancy firm-

  • Learn what you are good at.

Get to know the exact area where you feel confident. You can consult people only where you are fully aware of the subject. There are many aspects to a business too. Find out which sector is your forte and focus on that.

  • Get the license.

For whichever field you decide, you need to have certificates and licenses before starting your business. Not every sector requires this. For example, if you want to become a fund-raising consultant, no such certificate is needed. 

  • Choose the kind of business consultant you want to be.

Accounting, advertising, business, HR, taxes

There are many options to choose from.

  • Identify your target market.

It is very important to know your market. You can go to large corporations or for small companies or high-end individuals. Your consultancy could even be for some non-profit organization. You have to decide. Your consultancy business plan is made accordingly.

  • Highlight your advantages

You can only be hired as a consultant if you have expertise in the subject if you can identify the problems in projects, teach the employees, or influence the company. Your consultancy business should have all such traits to be a successful one.

  • Hire help

You cannot handle a consultancy business alone. Help can take care of daily routine work, like picking calls, checking emails, etc. You can concentrate on your company and its strategies. You can also hire new employees who can help the company grow.

  • Advertise your consultancy business offline and online.
  • Set your rates and income

Find out the rate of consultants in the market. Once you have a fair idea of the competition, you can set your rates. You can choose to get paid on an hourly rate, project-based rate or retainer basis.

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