What should I know before to open architecture firm in India?

If you want to open architecture firm in India from scratch, it will not be easy. You will not have any portfolio to show to your clients. This is why many architects choose to start by working with established firms. From there, they use the experience, knowledge and the connections to build a successful architecture firm of their own.

A few things that you should keep in mind are as follows-

You should be certain. This should be what you want to do. Building a firm may be one of the hardest things you would ever do. A lot of hard work goes into it.

Make a plan. Do not just go with the flow. Know how big a firm you want. Know how many employees you want. Know how you will attract clients, etc.

Advertise. Tell everyone you know that you are starting a new firm. Tell them you are looking for a project. Tell your previous employer as well. Sometimes, when your old company does not want to handle a client, they recommend you to them. Start a blog. Make an online presence. Write everything that is going on. Tell the audience about your experience, your will to start your firm and your excitement for working towards your first project.

Start networking. Talk to authorities in your child’s school, the church, the temple, everyone. Many first projects come through networking. 

You can always volunteer for doing service for public places like temples. Do it for free, and you will get something to feature on your website and portfolio.

Build a website. The first thing a potential client does is check you on google. Create a genuine website even if it only contains your drawings and ideas at first.

In this stage, take any project. Do not be picky. You need to start. That is the most important thing.

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