Wondering how much time it takes to open a firm in India?

Most of the founders are coders, designers, marketers, and folks from various professions. One crucial thing that most founders aren’t the best at is the basic legalities when it comes to starting and registering a business. Let me tell you how important it is to be on the good side of the law. The last thing that you want is getting penalized over a legal blunder that you were not even aware of! I know that your initial focus is to give shape to your business idea and create a team that believes in your vision. Pitching to prospects, closing deals, and meeting with investors along with formulating the product takes up all your time. Nonetheless, when you embark on your journey as an entrepreneur, the first thing you should do is register your company. 

How to register a company 

Here are some of the protocols for registration of the company under the companies’ act 2013. There are four important steps to be followed on how to register a company in India. 

  • Attaining DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) 
  • Attaining DIN (Director Identification Number) 
  • Filling a New User Registration or eForm 
  • Incorporating the company 

Attaining a DSC

The first step is to apply for the DSC of the directors also called Digital Signature Certificate. DSC is an e-signature that facilitates you to complete the online company registration process in India. It takes two days to receive DSC after submitting the documents.

Attaining DIN (Director Identification Number) 

The second step is to obtain an identification number. Obtaining a DIN is mandatory according to the amendment act of 2006. Every intending and existing directors need to attain DIN. To get this, you have to file a DIN e-form. The form can be obtained from the official State of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. 

Once receiving the generated DIN, they should let you infer about their organization and DIN. The director can let them understand about their company using DIN 2 form. The company should then inform the ROC (Registrar of Corporate) regarding all DIN of the directors via the DIN-3 form. 

In the case of any changes in DIN or if there is anything to be updated like personal details, address, etc., then the director needs to commence the changes to be done through the eForm DIN- 4 forms.

Filling a new user registration or e-form 

This part is about possessing an MCA portal or registered user account for e-Form filing, for different transactions, for online fee payment as a business and registered user. Building an account is free. 

Incorporating the company 

The last part of the company registration online is incorporating the company name, notice for appointment of managers, secretary, and company directors, and registering the impression of the situation of office and office address.

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), under the Companies Act 2013 has made the new company registration process very easy and efficient. You can get your firm registered within seven days. In just seven days you can get your company registered but the whole process can be very confusing and difficult if you have not done it before or if you don’t have good knowledge about the same. 

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