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We assist you opening a business in India


Understanding India

Each country is unique and so are the business dynamics of the region and the country. The reduced labor costs and the ever-increasing business friendliness of India is bringing eye balls towards us. It is very important to understand the dynamics of the country for opening a company in India.

Research and Feasibility

How does your business and manufacturing actually benefit in terms of branding and bottom line, when you open a company in India dictates your approach. Let us help you consult in open a firm in India on facts that help forecast.

Registering Company in India

Based on your industry and scale, we help identify the right state within India to invest within and then help you with compliance to help you register your firm before opening a business in India, keeping your interest at the helm of things.

Manpower & Asset Management

Once ready and raring to go, we help fill in operational gaps by bringing in the right manpower and getting your processes up on their feet. We also stay with you, managing and maintaining your real estate assets.

Real Estate asset transactions

Open company in India by finding you the right pieces of land and negotiating on your behalf to ensure you land the right deals whether for lease or purchase, our experts help you with every piece of realty asset transaction.

Design & Build Solutions

From helping you with intuitive and environmentally friendly designs to cost saving construction solutions, we are your one stop solution to construction project management, so you can focus on what you do best.

Looking to open your business in India?

Process of Opening a company in India your way to success x

  • Research & Feasibility
  • Registration & Compliances
  • Asset transactions
  • Design & Build
  • Project Management
  • Asset Management
It is imperative to understand the core of your business and how you can benefit from the business climate in India. Our researchers help you in everything right up from scratch.
Registering your business in India, while in keeping you and your interests in priority is what we help you with. Also, we help getting you get in sync with the required compliance.
From feasibility checks to supply chains, we help you finalize the right land and real estate. From leasing to purchases, we help you land the right deals in the right locations and timelines.
Getting the right designs helps in the overall scheme of things in terms of budgets & timelines. Environmental friendly designs sync with space management to allow for maximized efficiency.
Experienced teams of architects and engineers allow for a smooth construction phases, syncing in the process in line with the laid designs, budgets and timelines while keeping you updated.
Managing real estate assets and maintaining the same to keep you operationally afloat and keeping your efficiency high, while allowing you to stay in sync with compliance & best practices.

Major Industries.

Real world solutions that add value to your business.

Our Vision

To be viewed as the premier business solutions firm, providing compliance and high quality design and services to our clients with transparency and integrity.

Our Mission

To provide client focused services through our responsible practices of Consulting, Design, Architecture & Asset Management. Our traditions of transparency, dedication, and outstanding customer service are testament to delivering excellence in bringing our valued clients’ ideas to life.

Joint Ventures Facilitated

Looking for collaborations or joint ventures in India? DBPL facilitates your Joint Ventures with like minded individuals and firms. Reach us for details.


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What They Say x

Understanding geography and compliance is what I saw at first. But to understand the core of your business and deliver the project in line with our thoughts, and with such ease, amazed me. Country Manager, MNC Telecom Firm, USA
The designs looked good on paper, but isn't that we always see? But to be able to manage the construction and assets with ease is what DBPL delivered and we were more than pleased. CEO, Building Solutions Firm, Japan

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